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What are mutual funds?

Mutual funds are an alternative to traditional savings instruments (e.g. bank deposits, o/n, etc.) when seeking higher returns.
Main Funds category 
• Monetary Funds: invest primarily in money market instruments (, certificates of deposit, t-bills, deposits etc.)
• Bond funds: investing in fixed income instruments (government, corporate, and municipal bonds etc.) 
• Equity funds: investing primarily in shares listed on regulated markets; The main source of fund asset growth is the value appreciation of the shares held by the Fund and associated dividends as appropriate
• Mixed/balanced funds: investing in a mixture of shares and money market instruments (certificates of deposit, treasury bills, bank deposits, bonds etc.) 

For whom are mutual funds intended?

Mutual funds are intended for all 18 and over individuals and for legal persons, resident or non-resident.

How much will it cost me to purchase a fund unit?

The price is calculated daily. It varies over time and depends on the evolution of the assets held by the fund. 
The management fee is already included in the fund unit value, and subscription fees vary among funds (see the product pages). The withdrawal fee is zero for all funds.

What is the minimum amount I may invest?

The minimum amount that may be invested is equal to the value of a fund unit (NAV). 

From where may I purchase fund units?

Fund units may be purchased from any BRD agency. Our consultants will help you choose the type of fund that best suits you considering your investor profile.

How liquid is the investment in a fund?

Fund units may be bought and sold at any time at any BRD agency. The subscription and redemption price is calculated daily by BRD Asset Management, in accordance with the statutory regulations. 

Are funds guaranteed?

No mutual fund is guaranteed. Yet all the entities issuing fund units are monitored at all times and are strictly supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). In addition, NAV is certified on a daily basis by funds’ depository and yearly by external financial auditors.

What is the minimum investment period?

There is a recommended minimum horizon for each type of fund. Example, for money market and fixed income instruments funds the advised period is shorter, usually less than 3 years, while for bonds, and stock funds, and other complex products, the suggested period may range from 3 to 5 years.

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How do I become an investor

Do you want to invest? See the three simple steps you need to take.

Why invest

You have the opportunity to get higher returns than other traditional saving products.

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